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EMS - for who?

EMS training is dedicated for people who want to achieve results in a short period of time. EMS is used by professional athletes as well as people who have just started their sport adventure. It is also advised for rehabilitation since the device does not burden your joints.

Is EMS safe?

EMS is a safe training which has been used in physiotherapy for years. Since few years it has also been used in fitness.

How long and how often can I train?

Taking into consideration high compensations of your muscle, the best option is to workout 2-3 times per week. One training should last 30 min.

What results can I achieve with EMS method?

The results can vary depending on the set goal and a chosen program. Thanks to EMS Innline trainings you can build up your muscle mass, reduce body fat, tone your skin and improve your endurance and strength. Moreover, EMS method can be used to reduce after-workout or EMS training pain. It can be also treated as a form of rehabilitation.

What about medical research concerning EMS?

There is all manner of publications concerning EMS efficiency. Innline together with the Medical University has also released EMS study.
EMS – obesity research – LINK
EMS – back pain and spine pain – LINK

When can I see first results?

EMS trainings are ontogenically dependent on your body conditioning. The results, however, can be observable already after few trainings.

Research results concerning EMS

Obesity and EMS

Back and spine pain and EMS